Monday, December 27, 2010

Mint health drink

Making of health drink

1 bunch of mint (puthina) leaves                              
Coriander leaves, Curry leaves
3 Gooseberry (Nellika)
palm jaggery/ pana vellam.


  • 1. Take handful of Mint (Pudina), coriander, curry leaves and 2 or 3 seedless gooseberry.
  • 2. Grind it well with enough water and filter it.
  • 3. Powder the palm jaggery and boil it with enough water and after that filter the syrup.
  • 4. Mix the mint juice and palm syrup and stir it well. (If required add water for dilution).
  • 5. Now mint health drink is ready to serve.


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  2. Mint health drink recipe is homemade easy drink recipe. Different taste of this drink recipe is good and healthy also.